Weekend started with a lot of thinking about a trip. Fully layered up against the -10 temperature, we went out into the snowy Ljubljana suburb to find the sunshine.Our goal was to walk for around two hours (one way) and that the path wouldn’t be too tough and rocky. It snowed a week before, so that was the safest option.

Another concern is connected with driving time. I find it perfect if the starting point is no longer than an hour drive from Ljubljana. We were thinking, Googling, and Instagramming, and finally decided to go to the Krim.

find a way

Plan your hike

Krim is at 1107 meters above the sea level, and there is an admirable path from Rakitna, totally doable in snow. The road is made for an easy 8km hike, and the climb is really soft. We could say that this was more of an advanced walk. We started at “Mesnice” (starting height is 800m) where you can find a couple of parking slots. The walk was pleasant, there was a bit of ice sliding, but it was all repaid with the view from the top. A view is breathtaking on every possible side.

Unfortunately, there was still fog and mist over Ljubljana, but the skies were clear, so there was a clear picture of nearby mountains.

Krim view from top


After a tea and a chocolate bar, we decided to return and the day was complete. Actually, we completed it with delicious meal back at home and another chocolate bar – Just to refill our glycogen storages. 😉