As you have probably realized by now, I am a brunch sucker … ekhm, seeker. 🙂

This New Zealand themed one (with a Brazilian influence) at Bakers & Roasters was everything you expect from a good brunch. They have all the favorite brunch dishes, fresh fruit salads, and kiwi-twisted baked goods, pancakes, french toast and they have vegetarian options too!

The interior is colorful but well designed and it matches the personality of the place. We visited the new place at Kadijskplein but they’ve opened the first one at De Pijp. You can check the locations here.

What to choose @ Bakers & Roasters?

Endless menu options are not good for me. I prefer a clean and clear bistro menu with around 10 to 15 significant dishes max. Every one of them should have a reason why there is a place for it on the menu: a couple of heavy breakfast options from around the world, some classics like Eggs Benedict and of course some pancakes. I am usually someone who can’t live without sweet food but when brunchin’ I am a bit more on the savory side.


Our choice

Eggs Florentine (garlicky spinach on hot buttered toast with two poached free range eggs all topped off with hollandaise sauce)  and Blueberry Pancakes (blueberry pancakes topped with fresh cut banana, blueberries, and organic Canadian maple syrup).

Savory and sweet with cappuccino and a flat white. All the cakes in the vitrine looked amazing but I was so full I had to skip them. 🙁

Sure I will visit them again and give them a try!


Let me know if you stop by or which dish is your recommend.

You can check Bakers & Roasters out on their Facebook page or Instagram profile.

My last visit (February 2017):
Taste: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Service: 4,5/5 
Altogether: 4,8/5