Amsterdam has a maritime climate with over 200 rainy days a year. That’s more than half! Not so amused by this info but rainy Amsterdam is not boring at all. Don’t let rain ruin your trip to Amsterdam. Here’s my selection of the best indoor activities which will keep you high and dry in any weather.

Amsterdam Museums & Galleries

Probably the best way is to go visiting museums with I Amsterdam card because a single ticket for Van Gogh’s museum or Rijksmuseum can be as high as 18 euro, and that’s a bit expense.

If you are more into films than galleries, try the EYE Film museum. With its trendy designed cafe and restaurant, it will keep you busy for hours. You can even watch a movie or two there. They have four cinemas that showcase several interesting international films every day. Check their calendar for the latest information. You can even have lunch, dinner or just a slice of pie in the cafe with huge windows overlooking the water.

Check out the Stedelijk, the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. They are just a few steps away from each other so you won’t spend too much time walking around. I visited Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh’s at my last visit so I’ve skipped it this time but they both have my recommendation. The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is an international museum dedicated to modern art.



The most majestic one is Dutch’s “Macy’s” de Bijenkorf. There’s an awesome selection of brands but the shopping would be easier if I didn’t have to fly back home. My luggage doesn’t have space for extra shopping.

Primark is a place to go if you’re searching for a fast fashion shop with cheaper prices. It was opened in 2017 and it is a bit bigger than usual. Also, the vibe there was not something I am used to – it was not crowded, the clothes were lined and the checkouts were fast. I bought myself the new Pumas Basket Case heart in a sneaker store and some Kiko/The Body Shop products I am missing back at home.




Amsterdam has a lot to offer for bookworms. Two great options are The American Book Center, which claims to be the best stocked English language bookstore in continental Europe, and the Amsterdam Public Library, which also has an amazing view from its highest level.


Hopefully, there will be sunny weather when you visit Amsterdam or you can add your idea or two in the comments. 🙂