My all-time favorite Bistro in Ljubljana is Bazilika, and I am more than happy when they decide to prepare another brunch. It happens 2-4 times a year, and the most beautiful thing about it is that they prepare a nice buffet and you can eat whatever you want, yes, ALL you can eat.

Why brunch?

What’s my favorite meal of the day? Brunch. Always brunch. It contains long weekend sleep and probably some mimosas. We cannot forget that brunch without alcohol is just a breakfast. 🙂 When I’m traveling or visiting some city, I always search on Instagram for the best brunch places. I know every place in Ljubljana that offers breakfasts/brunches, and I will surely write about some later.

Bazilika buffet


It’s no secret that a good breakfast plays a central role in how the rest of your day is going to go. And since I love eating and adore eating out, I always try to attend this “special” brunch Saturdays. There is often a “menu star” like delicious shakshuka or perfectly poached eggs on avocado toast and a variety of food from Bazilika’s menu in the lovely buffet. This time, my galore goes to paté with butter and honey and lemon meringue pie. Mouthwatering, even if I am full and only writing about it.

I often visit Bazilika at weekends or weekdays for breakfast, lunch, or drink in the afternoon because they have such a good menu. Lots of pies, savory and sweet, little delights, and selected bistro dishes which are fresh and daily prepared – with love. Their place at Odprta kuhna (if you are not from Slovenia, it’s our food market, which takes place In Ljubljana, from March to October) is always crowdy, and they are well known for their savory and sweet pies. Oh, and meringues too.

What to order @ Bazilika Bistro or Café?

If you’ll visit the best brunch spot in Ljubljana (or for snacks/lunch/treat), my favorites are the avocado sandwich and savory salmon pie. I cannot resist to any of sweet pies, so go with your feelings here. And if you are in Ljubljana on Friday – make sure you visit them on Odprta kuhna and serve yourself a sweet treat. Summer favorite – their delicacy – double chocolate pie with strawberries.

Lemon pie, blueberry pie

You can check Bazilika out on their Facebook page or Instagram profile.

Tell me, what is your favorite brunch spot?

My last visit (January 2017):
Taste: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Service: 4,5/5
 Altogether: 4,8/5