I am 100 % percent sure that (if you are living in Slovenia or reading this from abroad) you have seen some stunning photos from a special Bled viewpoint. A lot of Slovenians (and tourists) thinks that the Bled Castle is the famous one but it’s not. Keep on reading and I’ll make sure that you won’t miss the spectacular view when you come to Bled.

Ojstrica (611 m)

The Bled viewpoint trip is totally easy and the view is so worth the walk. 20 minutes will give you the best possible view and you’ll thank me later.
Hill Ojstrica (and Mala Osojnica which is quite the same just with a bit longer walk) rises above the West shore of Lake Bled. You can start in Zaka – there is a parking lot (really close to the lake) and the path is marked (look out for the names and the number 6) so you shouldn’t have any troubles. If there are some – try using your phone and maps so you don’t go somewhere else. 🙂 Please, don’t wear high heels or sandals; you should definitely wear sneakers for the walk. And yes, the path can be a little muddy and dirty as well. Trust me, it’s truly worth it.

Bled Viewpoint – 20 Minutes Walk

After the short walk, you will be rewarded with the magnificent view over the Bled Lake and there is a wooden bench waiting for you to relax and take perfect photos. Yes, you can shot loads of stunning ones with your phone camera as well (as I did :D).

If you ask me – this hill has the best “value”. You get the perfect view after just 20 minutes of walking. 😀

View over the Bled Island

The picture tells more than 1000 words, ha?

I posted something about Bled a while ago, if you are interested in more info you can read it too. And if you are visiting with kids, you have amazing ideas about Bled trip on the Off with the kids blog which you can read here. And no wonder Bled Lake was part of the Top destinations for 2018. 🙂

Let me know if you have some photos from the Ojstrica or from Bled Lake or if you are planning to visit Bled anytime soon.