This year we have had an extreme luck with public holidays. When we took a look at the free days around Labor Day, we started to search for our destination. Living so close to Croatia and a promise of better weather lead us to Brač Island. Brač is the third-largest island in all Croatia, and the largest in Dalmatia. They are well-known for their stone (Stira), wine, cheese, and Zlatni Rat Beach.

In search for accommodations, we found the Bluesun hotel chain and, since the Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa had the best reviews on Tripadvisor, we had our winner. We booked it for four nights and hoped for the best weather. If you want to book them, check and gain 15 € off with the code*.

Arriving at Brač

Since we started our journey in Ljubljana, we drove to the Split where we took a ferry. It can take you to Bol directly but we chose Supetar (the other side) because it is the fastest and cheapest way.

Zlatni Rat (The Golden Horn / Golden Cape Beach)

The Zlatni Rat Beach is located 2 km from the town Bol in the Brač island. It is one of the most known and beautiful beaches. Not only in Croatia; Zlatni Rat is often named as one of the best beaches in Europe or even the world. Located on the southern coast of Brač island, with its uniqueness and the incredible, crystal sea. Its shape is actually what is unique because the beach transforms and changes basically every day – depending on the wind and sea. The beach is not sandy and is more than suitable for lying with a book and relaxing. Because of the strong wind, Brač Island is very popular among kitesurfers and surfers. I have to add this one – it can be crowded in the summer time.

Arriving at the hotel

Even before we arrived, I checked the Instagram and Facebook pages of the hotel, and I have to admit that they’re really active! Posting every day and when I posted an Instagram story they replied in minutes! They suggested me things to do, offering me their services, and letting me know what was included in my stay. A loooot of sports activities, like tennis, bowling, and indoor golf, and a huge wellness. I have to admit – they got me with their incredible wellness spas which are the biggest in the Adriatic region.

Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa deserves the best reviews

Our room was big enough, we had all the regular things that are supposed to be in a hotel room, and the view over the greenery pines and sea. Perfect for late-night balcony talks and morning meditation. The smell of the sea and trees is something I adore the most!




I’m always thinking about food, and if there is no breakfast in the hotel, then this means a no-no for me. The food in the Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa restaurant was as enjoyable as it could be.

There were some show cooking and various dishes for dinner, and the breakfast buffet was extremely rich. Hotel buffets are something I love so much! The moment I wake up, I feel so comfortable knowing that a breakfast with perfect eggs and other dishes I love is waiting for me already. Glad that they have fitness too, so I could compensate over-eating a bit, since I didn’t swim in the sea yet.


Can you swim in the Croatian sea in May?

It was too cold for me, but there were people who were brave enough to jump in and swim. That is why they came to the seaside for the holidays, yeah? Haha. We went to the spa almost every day because it was raining a lot during our stay, so the whole experience was really relaxing.

I recommend you the hotel if you like to eat well and relax a lot. They know how to help you. And if there is a slight wish for activities, a run in the park will do it if you skip the swimming pool and other activities.

The staff was more than nice, they were smiling all the time and always offering help when needed. You can check out their website to see more.

Vidova Gora

The highest peak in the Adriatic. We went up for a hike and the view was magnificent!

You can read more about the hike here.

So, do I recommend visiting Brač island?

No doubt I do! So many interesting things to see and the perfect nature will convince anyone. I just recommend going there before or after the main season because it can easily be too crowded. Let me know if you have been there before and how was it!

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