I marked Marie as one of the best cakes Ljubljana has to offer until… Fujiyama came. Whiskey cake with white chocolate has stolen my heart at first place, and now, I am always faced with a really hard decision when I visit Fetiche. Marie or Fujiyama? Both are worth coming back.

There are quite a lot of techniques a chef can use to make his pastries extra appealing to the average pastry shop customer. And in the Fétiche French Patisserie in Ljubljana – they know a lot about making desserts as appealing as possible.

No shock Fétiche Patisserie won two 1st place awards in the last two years at the Istrian fair of desserts – Sladka Istra. In 2015, for the cake »Marie« and in 2016, for the cake »Fujiyama«. I must admit that first award for Marie convinced me in trying the cake.

I am such a chocoholic, so choosing a cake that had so much fruit flavor was not the first option for me. But I gave it a try and wasn’t disappointed. Not disappointed is a really mellow word to choose – I was impressed!

The texture, the flavors, the combination of everything, it was just perfect. And Fujiyama is nothing less. Even improved look and perfect flavor mix for every decadent dessert lover out there.

P. S. – If you like Whiskey, you will adore Fujiyama. 🙂

You can check Fétiche Patisserie out on their Facebook page or their website.

My last visit (January 2017):
Taste: 5/5
Presentation: 4,5/5
Service: 4/5
Altogether: 4,5/5