Grefino surely is an urban ice cream shop where you can pour yourself a devouring soft serve. They are offering 8 different flavors, which are not always the same. For example Greek yogurt, chocolate, fleur de latte, mango, hazelnut, lemon, dark chocolate etc. At least half of them are also dairy free so perfectly suitable for vegetarians too. Yup, it looks like a frozen yogurt store but it’s a bit different since they also serve a regular ice cream (not only a yogurt based one).

Grefino toppings heaven

As if ice cream wasn’t enough, you have a rainbow of toppings and sauces to choose from. Choose as many toppings as you want but carefully – the price is based on the weight of the ice cream, so the more toppings you add, the higher price you pay. Not so cool when you are a foodie and you just can’t stop. You can choose from a variety of fruits, sweet sauces, cookies, Oreos, chocolate drops, meringues, chocolate pieces, colorful bonbons and some special ones – I love Raffaelo sauce and waffles.

The price is 1.80 euro for 100g of ice cream and I easily spend up to 3-4 euro per visit.

Is it healthy?

No, it’s not. 😀 Hehe, just joking. If you choose a small amount of ice cream (for example the Greek yogurt flavor) and try to be careful with toppings (go for a fresh fruit), Grefino ice cream can be a very healthy dessert too.

Grefino location

It’s perfectly located so you can visit them often. 😉 In front of the Nama store or across the Zara store, you’ll see the big ice cream cone and you will probably smell the sweet waffles too.


If you are visiting Ljubljana with kids – they will love the Grefino ice cream, I assure you that.

If you are still not sure – just try to check their mouthwatering Facebook or Instagram.

My last visit (May 2017):
Taste: 4,4/5
Presentation: 4,8/5
Service: 4,6/5 
Altogether: 4,6/5