The view over the most beautiful beach in the world. Yup, it was there. Vidova Gora is the highest peak in the Adriatic Islands and it’s not only known for that. When you go to the top, you see the most incredible scenery. The landscape is so blue and magnificent, and it offers you a perfect view over the most amazing beach in Croatia (or world), Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn Beach / Golden Cape Beach).


Located on the southern coast of Brač, next to the town of Bol, it will convince you with its uniqueness and the incredibly crystal sea. Its shape is actually what is unique. The beach transforms and changes basically every day – depending on the wind and sea.

Vidova Gora – how to get there

We chose the easiest way. We drove up to the middle of the hill and then walked the rest; around an hour and a half. If you start at Bol, the hike is around 3-4 hours long and it is a fairly slow and steady climb up the path covered with stones. Our path was on the road and, yeah, if you are extremely lazy you can also drive all the way up to the top of the Vidova Gora.

You won’t need a map for the hike. It is well-marked and easy to follow, and I recommend you going there early in the morning because it can be very hot and has direct sunlight. You should wear comfortable trekking/running shoes; no need for the hiking ones.

The view from Vidova Gora – An Instagram must!

The view over the Zlatni Rat Beach, Bol, Hvar and Croatian mainland will take your breath away! Unimaginably magical views, so blue and clear if you are lucky to catch the perfect weather. Actually, the bet for a perfect weather is quite high. There is so little or no rain at all in the summer months.


Get ready for the photo session as well, the view is ridiculously Instagram-friendly. 😉

Enjoy the mesmerizing scene and relax a bit. Don’t forget to take something with long sleeves with you or even a jacket if you are hiking before or after the peak season (May, September, October).

Can you share your most beautiful view with me? 🙂 Let me know where you caught it in the comments or on my Instagram or Facebook.