I am a returning HOOD Burger visitor since they’ve opened. Recently I saw a photo on my Instagram feed from the 21st November 2013. I have no idea how many HOOD Burgers I’ve eaten since but the number is sure very high. Hood burger chicken was my favorite but they are not selling them anymore. 🙁 Sad moment for me since I’ll have to satisfy with Hood brie burger or a regular one (no, it won’t be hard at all :D)


This undeniably hip burger spot has three different locations.

Hood Burger – Vič Interspar

The latest one opened in the center of Ljubljana next to Prešeren Square. The first one is still at Vič next to the Spar supermarket, and one is placed in the BTC City Food Market.


About the burger

All their ingredients are local and Slovenian! They focus on fresh ingredients, and the result is the best possible burger with a delightful and soft bun. Its potatoes are never frozen, so its crispy fries are a must, and you should ask for extra Hood sauce. I’ve also heard that they are developing a crispy chicken burger, so I’m looking forward to that one too!

Hood Burger Center

Did someone say Hood Burger specials?

If you are lucky you can catch their specials – for example Louis Lunch burger (served just like back in 1900) with beef patty, grilled onions, creme de fromage, tomato and grilled buttered toast or a delicious Jake & Jay burger with California style sauce. Right now they are serving the Fatboy Slim – a special burger with peanut butter. Oh my.

Let me know if you stop by or which burger is your recommend.



You can check HOOD Burger out on their Facebook page or Instagram. ATTENTION!!! Don’t open any of the links in case you are hungry. 🙂


My last visit (April 2017):
Taste: 4,5/5
Presentation: 4,6/5
Service: 4,5/5 
Altogether: 4,5/5