You have sure seen the Ice cream rolls video somewhere in the internet and Ljubljana now has its own Ice cream show Ice Wave! Revolutionary ice cream made on a frozen pan in front of your eyes in order to prepare incredible waves.

How is it made?

First, they pour liquid ice cream (Greek yogurt as a base) onto a freezing metallic plate with your chosen toppings. Then mash it up and at the end – roll it.

The ice cream itself is fat-free and the final nutritional value depends on the mixings and toppings. You can choose from fruit varieties, some well-known chocolate treats (like Kinder, Ferrero Roche, Oreo etc.) and from some yummy sauces – I always go with the dark chocolate.


My Ice Wave choice

I went with strawberries and Kinder chocolate as a mixing and dark chocolate as a topping. Was quite pleased with the decision. I suggest at least you choose one fruit mixing as it gives the fruity taste to the not-so-rich in flavor base.


Fresh and delicious (visual) treat

I’ve read that crystallised ice cream comes from streets of Thailand. Well “stir fried” is now also in Ljubljana. I think that watching them mashing it and rolling it is soo mesmerising. Ice cream is prepared fresh and they have pancakes as well. I highly recommend visiting them but the price is not so pocket-friendly.  Perfect wave 2 mixings and 1 topping (on the photos) is 3.95 Euro. The good thing is (besides the obvious) that you get a lot of ice cream for the price and the show is cool to watch. You can check the whole procedure here.



You can check them out on their Facebook page or Instagram. And show them some love! 🙂


My last visit (June 2017):
Taste: 4,0/5
Presentation: 4,5/5
Service: 4,6/5
Altogether: 4,3/5