Burger-mania is on, and Ljubljana is feeling it too! There are so many cool burger places here that I struggle a bit when deciding where to go for dinner. It’s not only dedicated burger places; restaurants have great burger menus too. One of the cool kiosk ones is Lars & Sven.

Blackadder—Lars & Sven’s Star

The Blackadder burger is a true Instagram star with its distinguish look. It’s a 100% Australian Angus beef burger with homemade, fig sauce, caramelized onions, aged English cheddar cheese, and the best part—it’s served on an activated charcoal bun. The look is so cool that you’ll have to take a photo of it! And sure, the hype is all about the taste too.

Lars & Sven burgers will surely satisfy all meat lovers with a wide menu with everything from its black Angus beef to roast beef steak and smoky burger. But they didn’t forget the chicken lovers. They can choose from a chicken steak sandwich or the crispy chicken, which is breaded daily with dried buttermilk, flour, and free range eggs.



I always go to the Rudnik location. The small restaurant is placed next to the huge Leclerc supermarket. It is more like a burger joint, so there is a “fast food” feeling, but the taste will convince you to take a bus and ride there for a perfect bite. The other location is next to the Šiška Hipermarket.

Extra Tip: Truffle Fries Sauce

I suggest you try its special sauce with the truffle fries. Crispy fries are normally served with ketchup or mayo, and this sauce will totally take them to the next level.

Let me know if you stop by or which burger is your recommend.

You can check Lars & Sven out on their Facebook page or Instagram location with mouthwatering photos.

My last visit (March 2017):
Taste: 4,1/5
Presentation: 4,4/5
Service: 4,7/5 
Altogether: 4,4/5