I love discovering new places (searching on the internet, scrolling through the Instagram feeds), but this is not the deal with Lockal. I’m a regular visitor since the owner Alen is super nice and he makes my day better every time I stop by.

Maybe the deal is with special drinks – like hot milk chocolate with Malibu rum or hot white chocolate with blueberry liquor. No shock I am smiling afterward.

Warm Lockal milkshake

This December’s favorite is a (warm) Lockal milkshake – caramel or strawberry flavor with a chewy chocolate brownie on top and loads of decoration and sweet syrup. Instagram hype and a true sugar bomb, which was released just in time for the sweet delights.

The photo should tell everything so this is definitely worth trying if you are thinking about going for a sweet tooth experience at Petkovškovo nabrežje.



Where is it?

Nevertheless, Lockal has a great location – next to the Butchers Bridge (Mesarski most) where you can easily »lock« your love. Yes, Lockal sells locks too.

I know it’s wintertime but here you have another photo – summery ginger lemonade or strawberry lemonade –decision is yours.


You can check them out on their Facebook page or Instagram profile.