Miramare Castle (in Italian Il Castello di Miramare) is one of the gems that I always wanted to visit but never took the time to do it. It is so close to the Slovenian border (and Trieste) but I just couldn’t find the right timing. Until now! And its beauty impressed me!


Easter Holidays – Monday off!

I visited the perfect beauty on a warm April day. Actually, it was Easter Monday so there were a lot of people walking around as well but I had a day off so I wasn’t bothered at all. The Castle and the Park of Miramare are located about 8 km northwest of Trieste and you can park almost in front of it.

The Miramare Castle

The castle was built for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian (later Emperor of Mexico) and his wife in 1856. The castle sits on 54 acres, most of it being a huge garden. It offers an example of a luxurious aristocratic residence and it still has the original furnishings. Sure you are not allowed to take photos inside but the castle itself, its garden, private bay and surroundings will be more than enough for the perfect photo memories. I suggest you take enough time to walk around the garden and to explore the attractions.


The entrance fee is 8 Euro and if you’re under 18 you can enter for free. The cool thing is that you can skip the entrance fee and enjoy in the beautiful park and its surroundings views, which are completely free.

An interesting and a bit weird saying

According to the legend, there is a curse linked to the castle of Miramare; whoever spends the night there is destined to die prematurely in a foreign land. Would you dare to try?


Would you like to visit it or maybe you already did? Did you fall in love as I did?