If I simply say the Rotterdam Markthal is a dream come true for a foodie, I am not doing it justice. The indoor food market has so much to offer that it would take months to even order on getting bored. This is a place to hang out, to try different cuisines and to discover so many different food stalls under the artish interior decoration.


With an endless amount of money, I could live right there. Yup, the Rotterdam Markthal also has apartments and I can clearly see myself living on the second floor and going shopping and discovering it every other day.

It probably would become just regular place or even boring after a while, but I am sure I would be busy for a year or so. 🙂

Another awesome thing about the Rotterdam Markthal is its interior. It’s painted with flowers, food, birds, a special gallery which makes the whole shopping and discovering adventure even more intriguing. I’ve read that the ceiling is also known as Rotterdam’s very own Sistine Chapel. 🙂


My favorite thing?

You can ask me what was my favorite stall/restaurant is (there are more than 96 unique stalls!!) but I just couldn’t find the perfect one. Everyone is special in its own way. I love salty appetizers as well as sweet desserts and fresh veggies. I like the cheese options too because Holland has some great cheeses and I am a cheese lover.




The things I tried/bought

I bought some goat and sheep cheese and didn’t say no to fresh veggies and fruit. Also tried the Dutch Pommes and a special coconut dessert. The one with white chocolate was just like a Rafaello.

rotterdam markthal


I also saw some rainbow donuts but I’ve learned that a pretty look isn’t always a good promise for the taste award. I am sure you will love it! Do you have your own favorite shop/market? Leave your suggestion in the comments.