Sato Bento is probably the cheapest slow food restaurant in Ljubljana. But the low price definitely does not mean low-quality meals, the reality is completely the opposite. Sato Bento offers fresh and delicious meals with a hint of surprise – you don’t know what to expect and it is an adventurous experience for first-time visitors. I visited them twice for an evening slow food event but they are serving lunch as well and I think they are offering a delivery service too, but haven’t tried it yet.

Can I get the menu, please?

No, there is no menu. You get served with whatever the Japanese chef Shin Sato decides to prepare for you. The Omakase (from the Japanese meaning “to entrust”) menu is different every night but you will find some similar dishes if you visit often – from edamame for a starter to proper sushi platters and meat options. Everything I have tried until now (3 visits) was mouthwatering. My favorite is still sushi but I really loved all the dishes they served.

Location – yes, it’s weird

If you do not live in Ljubljana or you are not well familiar with the city center, you will probably struggle to find the place. It is located in the Ledina shopping center, which can get a bit unpleasant in the evening. It’s close to Dragon’s Bridge or Ljubljana’s main train station but I suggest you check a map. The place is small but warm and it is the food that really matters.

Take your time to enjoy the evening!

Because the place is so small, you have to make a table reservation and prepare yourself for a 2-3 hour event.
For a really low price ( 20 € for 6-7 dishes), you will experience a treat for your eyes, taste buds and stomach: meat and fish dishes, Miso soup, rice plates, perfect maki rolls and nigiri and you can watch the chef behind the counter« to see what’s coming next. You will love every bite.
Bad news – you will have to visit them on weekdays as they are closed on weekends.


If you love the food there, maybe you can join them for their Ramen week or the Sushi Class or some other cooking classes they offer. Just try to often check their Facebook or Instagram and I am sure you will find something you like.


My last visit (February 2017):
Taste: 4,6/5
Presentation: 4,5/5
Service: 4,8/5 
Altogether: 4,6/5