My plans for summer were big. A lot of hiking trips, Italy in August, focus on my job and rest a bit. Well … as always it didn’t work out. 🙂 I sprained my ankle in the beginning of July and all I could do was rest. The view was though worth it:

My plan for August holidays was Italy. Cinque Terre if I’m explicit and this plans didn’t work out as well. All cool places for the stay were booked, there were millions of people traveling there so we decided to go to Croatia instead. The quite good decision, we spent 4 days in Vodice:


We visited incredible Krka National Park and make tons and tons of pretty shots (including nature and me haha)

I walked 517 stairs in 35 degrees celsius. Need an award now, thanks hahah. 😂 It was in the afternoon but the sun was extremely strong and the weather was soooo hot I was stopping in every 2nd corner. That was also a good decision – those nature views!! Krka waterfall with its special cascades called "necklaces" was really pretty. The hike was (if you ignore the temperature) easy and it is often missed out by the visitors. The Stinice – Roški slap – Ozidana pečina educational trail is long around 8.5 km. We went for the short one (driving with a car to the entrance) and then "only" struggled with 517 stairs. 💚☀️👌🏼Another reason towards visiting in the afternoon – I would probably burn or melt in the middle of the day 😂 #krkanationalpark

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And then moved to Opatija to an amazing hotel with an even better balcony view and amazing food.


I promise I’ll write some posts soon. Until then –  make sure you follow me on Instagram for daily stories and “foodporn” shots. September and October will be busy too! There will probably be a trip in Rovinj for a festival and another one to Milan, work related workshops. 🙂
Can’t wait!

How did you spend your summer?