Brunch = a long, indulgent mid-day meal in the company of a brewed coffee, sparkling cocktail or freshly squeezed orange juice. The decision is yours; all I can do is offer you my selection of the best brunch places in Ljubljana. Lucky for you, Ljubljana has quite a lot to offer.” – This was the introduction to one of my first posts for Visit Ljubljana. I’m still a brunch person and it’s my favourite way to spend weekend mornings – as long as it includes mimosas.

BIRÓ – Poached eggs with pickled cucumbers and salmon

Ljubljana brunch scene

It used to be impossible to get a good brunch in Ljubljana, but today’s offerings are just amazing: from fresh poached eggs, crunchy granolas, devouring pancakes and vegan treats to decadent Croque Madam, and French toast. Ljubljana has it all. With so many restaurants and cafés offering locally sourced produce in impressive, chic interiors, now is the perfect time to explore the city’s brunch scene. All of the choices are in the city centre and some of them require a reservation for weekend visits (especially in the summertime).


Le petit brunch


Ek – Brunch all day every day

Ek is probably the place with the nicest atmosphere with great staff and the best fresh cinnamon buns. They are all so friendly, nice and polite and the owner, Sašo Kralj, is often there checking if everything is running smoothly. This is the ideal Ljubljana brunch place when you are in a rush to find a typical brunch with local ingredients. That’s also a reason why their menu changes seasonally; top quality ingredients are a priority for Ek.



I usually choose Eggs Royal (perfectly poached eggs with salmon on a home-made English muffin with delicious Hollandaise sauce) but I can also recommend their Eggs Florentine (with spinach) or classical Eggs Benedict (with ham). You can enjoy their no-toasts (“French melt” is one of the most delicious ones – onion, baked mushrooms, cheese), various other foodie options, and a dessert section. If you are a fruit lover, try a smoothie with mango and vanilla – it’s delicious!


How to survive Monday? Think about weekend mimosas. 😍🍊🍾#doberek

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Weekend brunches forever. ☺️#doberek #caszakavo #dametravelerfoodie #gourmetlj

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Warning! Don’t check their Instagram when you’re hungry. I’m sure you will love it and you can take plenty of perfect shots for your foodie profile too.

It’s rare that a month goes by without me visiting Ek. It’s not only for morning and mid-day brunch dates as you can eat brunch in the afternoon too. And surely brunch without alcohol is only a breakfast and they are serving amazing mimosas and Bellinis. They will always refill your tap water glass, so that’s another 5* for them.




Ek interior


Bazilika – Still one of my favourites

In the beginning of 2017, I wrote one of my first blogs – About Ljubljana’s best brunch spot. Why the best? Their brunch “event” happens 2-4 times a year, and the most beautiful thing about it is that they prepare a nice buffet and you can eat whatever you want, yes, ALL you can eat.


Bazilika all you can eat brunch


Since I love eating and adore eating out, I always try to attend their special brunch Saturdays. There is often a “menu star” like delicious shakshuka or perfectly poached eggs on avocado toast and a variety of food from Bazilika’s menu in the lovely buffet. On my last visit, I fell in love with pâté with butter and honey and their lemon meringue pie.

Best brunch in town. 😍👌🏼

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If you’re visiting them on a weekday or when they don’t have a special event, my favourites there are the avocado sandwich and the savoury salmon pie. I cannot resist any of sweet pies, so go with your feelings here. Check their Instagram for some extra inspiration and special menu offerings.


Dvojna čokolada in jagode in sončen jesenski dan.

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Slovenska Hiša – proper Slovenian cuisine

If you have to try Slovenian food and you enjoy brunch, try Slovenska Hiša. They only offer food and drinks exclusively of Slovenian origin. For example, they are not serving green tea but you will definitely enjoy their herbal mixes or a coffee (Turkish one too!) served in iconic mugs.


Nutritious breakfast part 2 😂👍🏻 #slovenskahiša

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Their breakfast section is based on Slovenian food too with various cheese and meat plates and different eggs options. I would say the fried ones with cracklings are a must. Better check their Instagram and Facebook page too. 🙂 P. S. There will soon be another Slovenska hiša opening so I’m sure they will serve breakfasts too.


Kraljevsko – po domače. #slovenskahisa

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Kavarna Rog – warm and pretty interior

Sweet and fluffy American pancakes served with Nutella and banana – if that doesn’t start your mouth-watering, their English breakfast or Croque Madam definitely will. Located on Petkovškovo Nabrežje, Kavarna Rog will serve you breakfast and brunch until noon during the week and until 2 PM at weekends.



The restaurant’s interior was designed by renowned AKSL architects and you will definitely love how they used Tom Dixon lamps. If you are searching for the best brunch in Ljubljana and want to enjoy your experience surrounded by good design, this list can definitely help you a lot.


Centralna Postaja – trendy and nice for budgets 

I would recommend Centralna Postaja (translated to Central station) for afternoon drinks and “getting in the mood” before going out, but in the weekdays they have “all you can eat” breakfasts for the lowest possible price. Last time it was €2,50 per person with no drinks included but you can choose between various food options – salami, cheese, tuna spread, marmalade, honey, butter, muesli, cereals, etc.


Vsako jutro ALL YOU CAN EAT zajtrk☺️👌🏼 #njam #pojutrusedanpozna #wakeywakey

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Centralna Postaja is a great choice for all budget travellers. So if you are living or travelling on a shoestring and are searching for breakfast in Ljubljana, Centralna is your place. They have great lunch options too – you gotta try their burgers!


Dobro jutro #ljubljana 👏🏼😊☀️

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FriYAY! #foodporn edition 😍@centralnapostaja

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Le Petit Café – French-style café

In the summertime, you can enjoy their delightful terrace with views over Križanke and they have enough space inside to host groups of people too. This place is popular with couples. Their sweet and warm interior in French style is perfect for Instagram users too.


Weekends are for coffees. ☕️👌🏼🔝

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I adore their Eggs Lorraine (oven fried eggs with prosciutto and grated cheese) and perfectly decadent Croque Madame, which is served with crunchy homemade fries in the brunch edition. If you are looking for sweet tooth options, they can offer you varieties of cakes, pies, sweet granola, or yogurt with fresh fruit. They serve breakfast until noon and brunch until 1 PM. If you’re running late, you can still enjoy their lunch menu.




No wonder @lepetitljubljana is one of the best brunch go-to places in Ljubljana. Could eat here every weekend! ☺️😍#brunch

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BIRÓ – Extremely Instagram friendly

EDIT: BIRÓ already closed their doors. 🙁 

This new trendy bistro was opened in spring 2017 and it was the freshest addition to our brunch scene in Ljubljana. It was opened by the TOZD owner (which is also one of the coolest places in Ljubljana) and has a similar concept with more focus on food. Their menu was a blend of different world cuisines and a fusion with traditional Slovenian foods. It was really comfortable and nice so I feel quite sad with them closing down …



Extra Ljubljana brunch tip: Almost every one of these suggestions is packed on weekends (especially from 10 AM to 1 PM) so you should make a reservation at least a day in advance. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but, in Ljubljana, it’s all about brunch.


Iced Coffee @Ek


Have you recently discovered any great locations for brunch in Ljubljana or in your city? Leave me a link in the comments! 🙂