Back in the days, I looked for my inspiration on the internet, I have read some articles, searched blogs. But now, most of my inspirations for traveling come from Instagram. I search through hashtags, I check locations and the most important one – I follow some amazing accounts.

I’ve prepared a list of 20 Instagram female bloggers and influencers who are traveling the world and posting amazing pics on Instagram. Not all of them have millions of followers but they are all nice, sincere and transparent when it comes to the advertising, which is definitely an interesting topic to write about. We should all know that Instagram is not all “real life” – shots are edited, we are constantly waiting for perfect shots and of course, no one is always shiny and happy. But those girls are always trying to be as real as they can be, especially in the stories.

I also follow some couples and male accounts but in this article lets focus on fellow lady travelers.

Are they professional travelers?

Some of them are, some of them are not and some of them are just beginning their path as a professional blogger/traveler. They post different content but there are plenty of infinity pools, world-renowned landmarks, tropical beaches, and window plane shots to expect from these ladies. Don’t understand me wrong – I adore that kind of content and they are a true inspiration. I would miss half of the amazing viewpoints and moments when I’m traveling if there was no Instagram.

Are they professional photographers?

No, most of them are not and they have friends/boyfriends, tripods and timers and Instagram husbands (haha I love this) to take their photos. But their feeds are stunning and I would personally say that their photography style and editing skills are definitely at the professional level.

Top 20 female travel Instagrammers

Here they are! Please keep in mind that my list here is completely subjective. We all enjoy different kinds of photography and I love a few lifestyle moments too. 🙂

NOTE: they are in no typical order since they are all gorgeous in their own way!

PLEASE let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite one!

1) @withlai

I know I have said that this list is not in a typical order but Laiza is my all time favorite. I’m following her for such long time and I love every shot she makes. She is traveling the world with her boyfriend @gowithphil, they were living in Europe and just recently started to travel the world full time. Her feed is beautifully organized and her photos have nice and real colors with no extensive editing – seems like an easy job with the destinations she is visiting.



2) @mvandersluis

Mel is the real boss babe who is inspiring me daily. She is originally from Canada and is traveling the world as a full-time traveler. I own her presets so I don’t have to say twice her feed and travel destinations are giving me serious wanderlust. I adore her mom too – laughing hard when she is opening the delivery. Mel has a wonderful personality, I find her very open and she is always willing to help if I would need something.


Dream home right here. Maldives hit number 1 for the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to! ✵ Wearing @fortunateonestore ᠅᠅᠅᠅᠅ Just arrived home! Currently unpacking, doing laundry and then re-packing to head to Costa Rica on Wednesday with my nugget @lisahomsy and our incredible videographer from yacht week @alexandermeliss! SO EXCITED for this adventure! ᠅᠅᠅᠅᠅ I’m especially excited to learn more about their commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism! For the first half of this year 99% of their electricity came from renewable resources. That’s 🍌s! ᠅᠅᠅᠅᠅ In Canada, we use 63% renewable resources and in the US only 15%, I think we can learn a lot from Costa Rica in this area. Pretty much going to be a curious sponge for the next week! (📸: @jessihoffy)

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3) @lisahomsy

Lisa is Mel’s friend from Canada and this is also the way I came across her profile. Her presets are helping me with my feed and I love watching her stories. Especially when she is traveling somewhere with Mel or when she is trying another amazing brunch haha – love those. She is often meeting fellow Instagrammers and traveling to the most paradise-like locations that are resulting in the most colorful and stunning feed.



4) @your_passport

Larita has an amazing and clean feed full of travel destinations that I would love to visit too. She is traveling with her boyfriend @your_passage who is an Instagrammer too and I love the fact that they have kept the separate accounts from the beginning. Lara is a Slovenian girl (mee too!) and she is one of the kindest ladies on Instagram. Her travels are often as dreamy as they can be and she also owns a drone so you can expect magical aerial shots and videos.



5) @tourdelust

I like Christine because she is alwaaaays smiling on her shots and she often includes some cool facts about the destination. Originally she is from San Francisco and you can join her on her travels because she is also offering group trips. Follow her for breathtaking views and the best travel inspiration



6) @pilotmadeleine

Before I opened my professional Instagram page Madeleine was one of the accounts that were inspiring me daily. I think I follow her for ages and she was one of the first accounts I followed with my fresh Instagram. She is a real Globetrotter living a dream. Her feed is full of paradise vibes and breakfast inspirations. She owns the feed colors with all “unreal” sea and beach shots.


7) @ohhcouture

Leonie is basically living the dream. Always traveling to the dreamiest destinations and she is also daily collaborating with the best brands. She is the real inspiration because her feed looks magical! Don’t forget to check her inspiring traveling videos too, no wonder she has over 1.5m followers. Pure love.



8) @professionaltraveler

As you can tell from her username, Catarina is traveling “for living”. She has a great Youtube channel too and I’m sure you will book a destination after she shows you the best spots there! Vibrant feed with a lot of paradise destinations and some food shots too (I love them once in a while!).



9) @thelovelyescapist

Angie is based in the US and you will adore her feed. She often combines the dreamy shot with even better outfit choice so her feed is not only travel but also fashion inspiration. As her username says – she is definitely lovely and you will enjoy her travels as fast as you follow her.


What do you prefer: Sunrise or Sunset?⠀ ⠀ Whenever asked this question, I always struggle because I want to choose both! ⠀ ⠀ The light at sunrise is so soft and creates such a dreamy look; whereas the light at sunset is intense and very beautiful.⠀ ⠀ One of my favorite memories in Curaçao was walking along the Queen Emma Bridge at sunrise!⠀ ⠀ As I looked across the river at Willemstad, for a moment I forgot I was in the Caribbean. The colorful buildings and the dreamy morning sun created the illusion that I was somewhere in the Netherlands. ⠀ ⠀ In collaboration with @renhotels and @marriotthotels ⠀ ⠀ ************************** ⠀ ⠀ 👗: @shopmorninglavender⠀ 👙:@montce_swim⠀ ⠀ ************************** ⠀ ⠀ #sponsored #rencuracao #renhotels #curacao #beautifultropical #curacaolife #rightnowincuracao #curacao_island #passionpassport #darlingescapes #travelinladies #girlaroundtheworld #wetravelgirls #wearetravelgirls #citizenfemme #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #travelgirlsgo #ladiesgoneglobal #globelletravels #lifewelltravelled #girlsthatwander #beautiful_travel #beautifuldestinations #speechlessplaces #prettylittleiiinspo #travelinstyle #sidewalkerdaily #todolistguide

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10) @the_flyaway_girl

Penélope is often traveling through Europe and I kind of adore that. Her feed is looking perfect and if you want the similar looks she is offering the presets too. I was pretty shocked when I find out that she is only 22! Inspirational feed at its best and she is often very funny! Another thing – loves brunch! She probably got me with sharing the same love.


Are you a tea or coffee person in the morning? ☕️ if I don’t get my coffee in the morning, you don’t want to be around me 😂 luckily @leonardohotels had my back 😉 after a lazy coffee in my room, I went downstairs to relax in the gorgeous lobby and plan my day (with more coffee, of course). – – I love the location of the Leonardo Hotel Hannover – it’s not directly in the city centre but it’s really easy access from there! A direct train takes you straight there 💁🏻‍♀️ instead they are located right next to the beautiful Tiergarten (park), perfect for a relaxing wander! It means you get the best night’s sleep because it’s so quiet outside 😴 – – Oh and how beautiful is this artwork?! Plus I really want this chair at home now 😂 Are you a coffee drinker in the morning too? *sponsored #hannover #TFGinHannover #germany

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11) @alittleblondeinparadise

As I am writing this Brigitte is SO CLOSE to 50k so I hope she will make it soon because her feed definitely deserves more followers. Currently, she is living in Barcelona so I’m drooling over sunny shots and Spain vibes. She has a great sense of style too – her dresses are often on my wish list and I love the fact that she is a very sporty person too and she looooves to party. My type of girl!


Where is your favorite spot for relaxing at your home town? I always like going up the bunkers of El Carmel, because of this view and the atmosphere 😍✨ wearing: @fortunateonestore ────────────────── … … … … ────────────────── #ladiesgoneglobal #bcn #gltlove #bunkersdelcarmel #europtrip #visitbcn #tlpicks #viewpoint #femmetravel #alittleblondeinparadise #somosinstagramers #lifewelltravelled #citylife #citystreets #citybreak #spanish #travelandleisure #wearetravelgirls #girlslovetravel #spain🇪🇸 #youmustsee #barcelonagram #topeuropephoto #travelblogger #beautifuldestinations #ilovebarcelona #view #explorebarcelona #barcelonacitizen #bestview

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12) @world.of.lina

Alina is from Austria, which is a country next to Slovenia and she is often traveling through Europe. I started following her in the last summer when she was visiting Slovenia. Feel a bit sorry that I didn’t know her before because I would love to meet that kind and pretty lady IRL too. I love her feed because it is pretty and nice and not edited too much.



13) @globetrotting_gingertravel

Aubrie is a master of combining her fiery red hair with blue and green nature vibes. She is always exploring the best locations and destinations and I love to read her captions. Always making destinations even more interesting. I loved her Greece and Machu Picchu shots and I cannot wait for more!




14) @theblondeabroad

I love the fact that Kiki is including some food shots in her feed too! Love the vibes and travel tips and as she calls herself – she is the Mother of Drones. 🙂 Incredible views and pretty color vibes – you gotta follow her for more.


*Cue the Jurassic Park theme song* 🌿🦖🌿 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Summer is in full swing in Cape Town and I’m a new proud member of the Botanical Society of South Africa (power to the plants! 🤓) Kirstenbosch is by far the most beautiful garden I’ve seen in the world! FUN FACTS: It’s part of the Cape Floral Kingdom (a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has the highest concentration of plant species on earth)! BYOB- you can bring your own food and drinks into the gardens for a fun in the sun picnic! The gardens host outdoor concerts all summer! It has a REALLY cool name! 😉 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Shot on @fujifilmx_us | Edited with @TBApresets | #kirstenbosch #capetown #southafrica #unesco #travel

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15) @haylsa

I’m not following Hayley for ages but I fell in love at the first sight. Her feed is wonderful and her paradise locations were just making me crazy during the European winter. Would love to travel more and if I will ever think about paradise location I will definitely check her inspirational shots.



16) @leahshoup

So many colors!! Leah is definitely a “color queen”. Her feed is so colorful yet very organized. She recently hit 100k and If you love colors as I do you have to check her profile out. P. S. She has a great fashion style too!



17) @travel_inhershoes

I think I first saw Aggie in some of Lisa’s stories, I followed her and I’m in love ever since. She is kind, funny and traveling to the best locations. The fact that she has a professional photographer is definitely seen or her feed – it is magazine perfect! I cannot imagine how much work is needed for one amazing shot on her feed and she has more than 1000 of them already! 🙂



18) @tracy_komlos

I started following Tracy when I came across the @PangeaDreams blogger retreat. Lisa was one of the hosts and I find out that Tracy is a founder. I love ladies who are sharing their knowledge and experiences and Tracy is definitely one of them. You can expect fabulous feed and the best boss babe inspiration from her. Never enough of this tropical vibes!




19) @taylor_fuller

Another colorful feed is from Taylor. Soooo many colors popping out her posts and she has a great energy too. Following her for quite long and I love her travel destinations. She is soon moving to Europe so you can probably expect some fresh European inspiration.




20) @kaptain.kenny

Colors and nature vibes – two of the things that I love about Phoebe’s feed. She is posting a lot of colorful shots, some food drools, and magical views. She really knows how to capture the best of nature on her travels. She is often smiling so she will not only give you the travel inspo but also help you with the mood. 😀


And sheeeee’s back in business #teamkaptainkenny – after 5 days of not posting on IG (except for stories) I’m back with this killer shot from #Menton in #France on the #Frenchriviera – gahhhh the last 2 days have been epic 🔥😱 Can’t believe my job sometimes! Get this: @choicehotelseurope sent me to #Nice to stay in their beautiful boutique hotel @lamalmaisonnice and my task was to find some cool things to photograph and write an article. Well I believe I have found 5 things you ought to do when you come to Nice so stay tuned for that. If you are a travel lover you may have seen Menton on Instagram before. While I wouldn’t recommend staying here (Nice is more awesome) it’s nice to do a day trip for sure. It’s been amazing to come from cold Frankfurt and to get to experience T-shirt wearing 17 degrees again. If you want to stay up to date with my content and the other content from @choicehotelseurope #traveltop6 team, give them a follow 👍🏻 #mytravelchoice • • • I’ve currently got this photo on my stories – I did a poll where I asked you guys if this should be my new profile photo? What do you think? Or is the green jacket and orange beanie combination too iconic now? • • • #visitfrance #france🇫🇷 #cotedazurfrance #sponsoredtrip #choicehotels

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I hope I will once make it to my own list hahaha. You can follow me on Instagram @Perfelicious and stay tuned for my future travels. Traveling to Cinque Terre in February, flying to Shanghai in March and being extremely excited for my NYC trip in April!! If you have recommendations for any of those – please let me know. <3


P. S. I have sooo many beautiful ladies on Insta I could make a list of 500 favorite accounts so if I haven’t included you don’t think you are not an inspiration to me, you definitely are if I follow you! And I am thinking about another list – my favorite inspiration lady travels accounts under 15k followers? Yes?