I visited Sri Lanka in February and actually still didn’t post anything about it. I was impressed by the nature, people and, of course, food. With its tea plantations, Sri Lanka is a very green country and therefore is quite similar to Slovenia. Photographs speak stronger than words so I’ve collected the best ones, which are also connected to the top places I would love to visit again.



5 – Mirissa

If going to the south coast, I would advise you go to Mirissa, but don’t put your expectations too high. Sure, it is a picture perfect arc of sand with astonishing sunsets over the sea, but there are a lot of people and even more restaurants and cafés. The sea was okay but not the cleanest of them (I am kind of spoiled because of the beautiful Adriatic Sea), and there was party promise but even though we stayed there during the weekend there were only cafes with louder music but no true party.

I recommend the massage center Badora Spa – great prices and tremendous experience. Loved it! Hint: Take the 90-minute one.



4 – Kandy

At first I wasn’t impressed, but later in the day I started to love the endless fruit and vegetable markets, endless spice supplies and quite good food offers. I indulged in tons of liters of mango smoothies and other fruit smoothies with curd (Sri Lanka specialty).




3 – Ella (with Little Adams Peak)

We were disappointed because of the unsuccessful Adam’s Peak trip (will explain it some other time; not our fault exactly), so we decided to take a walk on Little Adam’s Peak near Ella. There are a lot of small restaurants (with free Wi-Fi 🙂 ) and the Little Adam’s Peak is an easy one-hour walk with a great view when you arrive at the top.




2 – Galle

This is a pretty fort which is totally unmissable when you are in Sri Lanka. It reminds me of Netherlands streets with a hint of Adriatic cities where salty winds are bursting with scents of spices between classic architecture. Restaurants, shops, cafes with great interior design are hiding artsy and random surprises which leave a sweet impression of the beautiful city.



1 – Talalla beach

The best 5 days in Sri Lanka were spent in a Tallala Beach house, owned by amazing host Simmone (actually from Fiji). The house was amazing (with an even better breakfast) but Tallala Beach – this is truly heaven on earth. So calm, so beautiful and with such energy. I simply felt in love in the first hour and later on when I walked the sand in the sunrise and sunset, enjoying local food in the restaurant by the house, I was completely sure that I would visit again.



Disclaimer: Why is there no Unawatuna beach even so you can find it on the most »top 5 best beaches in Sri Lanka«? It was a pure disappointment. Not clean at all, with a lot of restaurants but such bad service and a sea in which I wouldn’t swim.

Why is there no Pinawalla Elephant Orphanage? Because we were really disappointed with our visit. Basically, it was an elephant ZOO with extra cost for taking pictures and elephants which were looking quite stressed out. Not sure about their true purpose. Do you have any other experience?