I visited Verace about a month after opening and had really high expectations. The place was crowded and the bartenders had a little problem handling everything, but the whole experience was good. Probably because they were nice and the pizza was delicious.

Different than I am used to but enjoyable. And it didn’t leave that »carby« bloat after when you are feeling just like sleeping for the half of a day.

Neapolitan pizza is different than the pizzas we eat in Slovenia. Our pizzas are differentiated by the oven, and options are a wood fire stove or a normal, electrical one. We even have one pizzeria (the oldest one in Ljubljana – Parma) where pizzas are baked on a sort of conveyor belt electric pizza oven. Very interesting but I will write about it some later time.

Verace tables

And what is the secret that makes Neapolitan pizza so good and distinctive?

On their page, they say: »The secret to what makes the Neapolitan pizza distinctive from other pizza variants lies in its easily digestible dough. Due to the lengthy, 24-48 or even a 72-hour long rising time, paired with a tiny amount of yeast, once ingested, it will not burden the stomach. Its short, at the most 90-second long baking time at around 450 degrees Celsius will allow the dough to trap air bubbles and lock up enough moisture to remain soft. A true Neapolitan pizza will boast a distinctive dotty pattern on its edge.«

I’ve chosen a Capricciosa (Tomatoes Danicoop Gustarosso, mozzarella Fior di Latte, cooked ham, artichokes, champignons, black olives, basil) and it was really good. Thick dough on the edges and soft and thin in the middle with the best ingredients.

You can check Verace – Pizzeria Napoletana out on their Facebook page or their website. I recommend making a reservation in advance.

Verace pizzeria

My last visit (December 2016):
Taste: 4,5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Altogether: 4/5