When someone says to me “let’s go to the Mexican diner”, I’m usually quite happy. I know that we don’t have proper Mexican food here, but I love fajitas, burritos, perfect tortillas, and Margaritas too. 😀 I’ve read that the owner of Wahaca is Thomasina Miers, who won UK’s MasterChef in 2005, so no wonder the concept and food are so perfect.

How did we find Wahaca?

When we were walking around the Southbank, we searched for a cool place, next to the Thames River, not too crowded, but there were so many choices! We checked Google for close restaurants and finally find Wahaca, which had cool reviews and was only 100m away. We fell in love at a first look, colorful tables, that “container/box” style look, and we held our fingers crossed for the food.

The Wahaca food menu

We were seated on the upper floor and it was time to look at the menu. Oh my, the troubles!! Everything sounded so delicious and obviously, we were already starving at the moment, haha. So we started with drinks, Strawberry & Basil Daiquiri and Wahaca Mule (ginger beer, fresh lime juice & tequila), and ordered a guacamole with tortilla chips for nibbles – so we could decide what to eat.

Their menu is partly seasonal and they are trying to be as sustainable as possible. Using the best British ingredients, sustainably-caught fishes, and using meat from the higher welfare. They also donate 20p from every ordered street food special to charities & campaigns that are close to their heart in Mexico & the UK

Street food vs. bigger food

The Wahaca menu has two sides. One is for street food, with plenty of smaller dishes which are cool for sharing and trying things. They suggest ordering 2-3 per person if you are looking for “lunch”. The other option is bigger dishes, on a proper plate with delicious food. Because it was our first time there, we ordered small ones. A couple of them. Ok, you got me. It was a bit too much. 😀 If you take a look at the street food section, they offer market treats (empanadas and roasted aubergine), Tostadas and Tortillas (mmm… Crab Devon Tostada), Quesadillas and Tacos. The classic soft Tacos and Baja tacos with larger corn tortillas.

We ordered MSC-battered Cod and Buttermilk Chicken Baja tacos, two Devon Crab Tostadas, the Chicken Club Quesadilla (with chicken, cheese, smoked chipotle salsa, and avocado) and rice and beans as a side dish. Everything was really fresh and more than delicious! The flavors were totally incredible and we were more than happy. I would also say that this is not a typical cheese-over-everything restaurant, so it is also a healthier option.

Devon Crab Tostada

Yeah, it is SO GOOD that it deserves a whole paragraph. Crab meat with cucumber, ancho mayo, avocado & lime ash, on a crisp corn tortilla that tasted heavenly. It had such nice flavors that we were sold in seconds. A perfect mix of soft filling and crunchy corn tortilla.

The whole experience

Was amazing. Our waitress was really nice and friendly, the service was really fast, and we enjoyed as much as we can.

I would have loved to order a dessert as well but we were so full that I had to skip the flan, churros and salted caramel ice cream. Let’s say I’m saving the dessert section for the next visit!

Pure love.

You can check Wahaca on their Facebook or Instagram and if you are living in London and haven’t been there yet – now’s the time!

My last visit (June 2017):
Taste: 4,8/5
Presentation: 4,6/5
Service: 4,7/5 
Altogether: 4,7/5